Some General Advice on Home Security

home security adviceBoring as it may be, if you own a home or commercial premises in the UK, you need to make sure it is secure at all times, from fitting an alarm to ensuring the locks are of good quality, I approached a locksmith based in Bolton, Locksmart Security for their advice on keeping my property secure, they were kind enough to email me the following advice:

  • Fit mortice locks (Kitemarked BS 3621) and/or bolts to all outside doors and locks to all downstairs or accessible windows.
  •  Have an approved security system installed. Ask the local Police and insurance carrier for assistance.
  •  Try to never leave valuable items like your TV, Hi-Fi, DVD player where thieves are able to see them.
  •  Mark possessions visibly and permanently with your post code and house number.
    Always keep a list of the Make, Model and serial number of the products and take photos of any valuables that cannot be marked, like jewellery. Give copies of the list to a trusted friend or relative.
  •  Ask at your local Police Station for advice on ways to get ‘postcoded property’ stickers you could put in your windows.
  •  Make sure that you have up-to-date contents and property insurance.
  •  Most thieves enter through a back door or window. Ensure it is challenging for them by locking all side and back gateways and incorporating trellis to the top of walls and fencing. Fit lights that come on in the evening to cover the sides and back of your home.
  • Put all your tools away so they cannot be used to break into your house and lock your garage area and shed with good security locks. If you need to keep your ladder out, put it on its side and lock it to a secure fixture with ‘close shackle’ padlock or heavy-duty chain.

So there you have it, some valuable advice from a well established locksmith in the North of England, Locksmart Security. Keep your home and valuables safe!